Friday, August 26, 2011

renjin - JVM-based Interpreter for R Language for Statistical Computing

Today, i have just participated to renjin project with my first patch. I believe that porting R from C to Java makes the R available in different kind of computers rather than PC's. At a first glance, it may the R available in Android systems, for example (Except for native libraries).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Renjin - R interpreter written in Java

Today, I stumbled upon a web page under the Google Project Hosting, which is a re-implementation of R in Java. It is a good news for R & Java programmers because it opens a new way to call R functions from Java directly. Project is open source and distributed under the GNU GPL v3. Many functions were implemented, R interpreter works well. I think there is much more work to do, especially, speed is the main issue. Unfortunately, there are only three developers that i only saw and this is a wonderful work. Finally, it would be good to be involved this project. The project web page is and there is a live demo of the interpreter in site

More contributors needed for the project RCaller

We need new contributors to enhance the functionality of RCaller. We need also feedbacks about
  • type of projects that RCaller used in
  • frequently used functions of R
  • new functionality required.
  • Bug reports
We also need a web page, rather then A Logo would be good.

We need developers, testers, documenters which may have skills on Java, R, LaTeX or HTML.

We can enlarge the space spanned by RCaller, say that, PhpCaller, CCaller or something derivative may be included for Php and C, respectively. Note that, there are already some libraries for calling R from other languages. RCaller has lesser efficiency on run time but higher speed on development time.

Please join the project.
google code page:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gaming with google adsense - Making money

Making money from the world-wide-web has a long history since the older ages of the web. Google is now able to download almost all of the content of web with its huge network. Adsense is an advertisement system of Google. It reads the content of the page it has been inserted and shows a related ad. If the content is related with the most paid ads, you will get more per click. There are a huge collection of sites about making money from adsense which can be tracked by a simple Google search : "how to make money with adsense".

As the other bloggers concerned, it is mostly related with the keywords on your site (Yes, there are other significant factors). It is beneficial to search Google trends for handling the most searched keywords and link your articles with those keywords.

For example, if you are a tech blogger and you want to write about tablet pc's, it is good idea to write something about hp tablet, because it is in top 10 by Aug 19, 2011. It can be proved in site

Today, 24th Aug 2011, the top 20 keywords are:

1. opm
2. glen campbell
3. jorge luis borges
4. earth quake
5. richmond va
6. earthquake map
7. washington monument
8. puzzle games
9. nbc news
10. dementia symptoms
11. early onset dementia
12. charlottesville va
13. brooke shields
14. cbs news
15. virginia news
16. nicaragua
17. americas got talent
18. new madrid fault
19. recent earthquakes
20. msnbc

and the expectation is to be visited when those keywords are searched. Note that, there are vast of sites links to msnbc, probably, you will not listed at the very first search results. It is the game of site rankings.

Finally, there are lots of factors, and for out opinion, your site must give really valuable information to people. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adhoc networking support on Android Froyo

In my summer holiday, i bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi only device. It was a really happy night because i had a chance to test my new android based applications. I also needed a PDF reader because i like to read books and articles when i travel from home to work. Finally, it was a nice toy for a 30+ computer geek.

The toy was nice, fast, customizable. Browsing the web is reasonable. I think, i had not got a problem with the device itself. My problem was about the Android software.

My wife has an IPhone 4 and first, i used to connect my Galaxy Tab with IPhone 4 with the functionality of iOS's infrastructure network. But there was a problem with my Nokia E72. I downloaded the JoikuSpot Lite version from OVI Store and it turned my Nokia E72 into an ad hoc access point. My wife's IPhone 4 successfuly  connected to my Nokia E72 but Galaxy Tab didn't see it in WiFi scanner.

There are lots of different solutions based on replacing the wpa_supplication dynamic library, modifying the configuration files etc.. Those files are stored in the system folders, so you have to make your device rooted or you have to connect your device with 'adb' thing which is stored in the Android SDK (under folder platform_tools).

I do not want to struggle with those things. I want my device to connect to my E72 easly.  I heard that, there is no reason my Samsung Galaxy Tab not to support adhoc networking, it is the failure of Android!.

Finally, i am disappointed...

I am not alone with this, too many people want Android to support adhoc.
This is the willings:

Friday, August 19, 2011

RCaller is now in

RCaller is now in as a project entry. The address is . It would be a good meeting point of developers and users of RCaller.