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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adhoc networking support on Android Froyo

In my summer holiday, i bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi only device. It was a really happy night because i had a chance to test my new android based applications. I also needed a PDF reader because i like to read books and articles when i travel from home to work. Finally, it was a nice toy for a 30+ computer geek.

The toy was nice, fast, customizable. Browsing the web is reasonable. I think, i had not got a problem with the device itself. My problem was about the Android software.

My wife has an IPhone 4 and first, i used to connect my Galaxy Tab with IPhone 4 with the functionality of iOS's infrastructure network. But there was a problem with my Nokia E72. I downloaded the JoikuSpot Lite version from OVI Store and it turned my Nokia E72 into an ad hoc access point. My wife's IPhone 4 successfuly  connected to my Nokia E72 but Galaxy Tab didn't see it in WiFi scanner.

There are lots of different solutions based on replacing the wpa_supplication dynamic library, modifying the configuration files etc.. Those files are stored in the system folders, so you have to make your device rooted or you have to connect your device with 'adb' thing which is stored in the Android SDK (under folder platform_tools).

I do not want to struggle with those things. I want my device to connect to my E72 easly.  I heard that, there is no reason my Samsung Galaxy Tab not to support adhoc networking, it is the failure of Android!.

Finally, i am disappointed...

I am not alone with this, too many people want Android to support adhoc.
This is the willings: