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Friday, November 18, 2016

Zubote Multiplayer Android Game is Available Now On Google Play Store!

Zubote is a free turn-based strategy game that all of us have played with our friends on paper before.
Zubote, which you can play with Single and Multiplayer options, has a grid structure consisting of 24 squares in general. The dots draw lines and the lines form squares. At the end of the game, the person with the most number of squares becomes the winner of the game.
If you got the star in the game, you will have a great advantage in winning the game. In addition, surprising points in the question mark, you can give the game, can also cause a great frustration, if you got it. In other words, everyone in Zubote can win the game at any moment.
Zubote offers the following features to players:
-Single player mode option gives you the possibility to practice against Android,
-Multi player mode option allows you to play in real time with someone who is randomly online, whether you are with your own friends. Just play with your friends or other people from all over the world,
-For your success, badges allow you to identify your rankings online,
-Leaderboards and Achievements integration,
-You can add people as friend during the game and can see your friend list,
-Modern design,
-Share your memories with friends on social platforms via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email and SMS,
-Free download and easy to play.

You can download this game from here: Zubote Multiplayer

If you find any problems with Zubote, do not hesitate to contact us for your requests and opinions or to share with us any other comments about Zubote.
Enjoy the game!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sending Data to MySQL Database Using PHP With Unity3D Game Engine

Hello everyone, In this article, I will share an Unity3D game engine example with you guys. We will imagine that we have got a game has been played and opened score scene. This step will be sharing platform for scores between users. At this stage score information will be taken and posted to PHP page for sending to MySQL database. For these steps, we'll need these digital materials and tools given below:
  • An empty scene in the Unity3D game engine and Main Camera
  • An JavaScript scripting file for posting data to PHP page
  • An table named highscore in the MySQL database
  • An Server that can work PHP programming language

First, we will add javascript file to Main Camera Inspector in the empty scene.

function send(data, username) {
    var form = new WWWForm();
    form.AddField("action", "send");
    form.AddField("score", data);
        form.AddField("username", username);
    var url = "http://localhost/unity/send.php";
    var w = WWW(url, form);
    yield w;

send(999, "phpservisi");

Codes given above send score information to send.php PHP file for saving MySQL database. WWWForm object has been created for outside connection. This object has got action attribute and send value. This value will be used in PHP file as a condition to send MySQL database. score attribute's value is going to share with other players. For that reason we need all attribute, variable and values. Url variable shows us what will we use for target POST URL information.

Just remember that you have to add this JavaScript file to Main Camera's Inspector part using Add Component.

Now, we can finally create our PHP file for saving datas to MySQL DATABASE. But first create highscore table in the MySQL: 

Let's get PHP file:

if($_REQUEST['action']=="send") {
$score = $_REQUEST['score'];
$username = $_REQUEST['username'];
$query = "INSERT INTO `highscore` (username, score) VALUES ('$username', '$score')";

From on now, we can send our score data to PHP file for saving database, when the game run. send function helps us to POST datas. username and score datas are used via JavaScript file in the Unity3D game engine. $score and $username variables came from JavaScript file as you have known. After this we just use
SQL query.

As result, we have just done sent datas to MySQL database using PHP programming language with Unity3D game engine JavaScript codes. This article will be helpful. Because if you want to create a game for muliplatform, you have to develop multiplatform.

See you guys next articles!