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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hello world application with Google Dart

Google Dart

Dart is a new programming language developed by Google, which has a similar syntax with Java and Javascript. Dart is targeted directly for the web, however, console based applications can also be written as well as it is compilable into Javascript. Google's web browser Chromium is able to run Dart codes directly but there is not an available add-on for other browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Dart SDK supports compiling Dart to Javascript, that is, any browser will run Dart code without knowing that the original code is written Dart. The community will determine whether the language will be a standard for web based application, instead using Javascript.

In this blog entry, we will show writing a basic Dart Web Application which can be considered as a "Hello World" but it is a little bit complicated. This application will create a textbox and a button. When user writes her name and after clicks the button, the program pop ups a message box.

When a new application is created in Dart Editor, you will see something like this:

Lets change the html file. Put a textbox and command button:

Clear the Dart Code:

Fill main method. Here we handle the input element using variable name. name.onclick.listen method defines
the event handler.

Complete the code

In the screen capture above, name and say are global variables and they are defined at the top of the code. They are accessable in both main() and button_click(). The body of the method button_click() is such like its counterparts written in both Java or Javascript. Lets run the code:

Have a nice read!