Monday, June 9, 2014

New Documentation for RCaller

As a new documentation and brief introduction, the research paper "RCaller: A Software Library for Calling R from Java" has just been published in the scholarly journal "British Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science".

The aim and the motivation underlying this paper is to give a brief introduction to RCaller, how to use it in relatively small projects by means of calling R scripts and commands from Java, generating plots and images, running commands online and converting and sending plain Java objects to R.

Other two important projects, rJava and Rserve, are compared to RCaller by means of time efficiency. As a result of this, it is shown that, rJava and Rserve outperforms the RCaller in time complexity, but RCaller seems to be easier to learn and requires less setting-up effort.

The paper is freely available for downloading at

and the author's page is .

Have a nice read!

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